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Register for the e-Services? That’s like a child’s play!

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You have several options:

  • Are you already a Belgacom customer?
    You need a recent bill (maximum 4 months old) before you start the registration. Do you have a green bill? Find your identification details.

  • Are you already a Proximus customer?
    Keep your Proximus mobile phone ready when you start the registration, you will receive information by text message.

  • Not a Belgacom or Proximus customer yet?
    You can still register to access the online services of Skynet. That way you can easily manage your Skynet blogs.

I register

I opt for an electronic bill

Join over 700 000 other Belgacom and Proximus customers: choose the electronic bill!

Advantages of the electronic bill:

  • You receive an e-mail and/or text message every month with your bill amount
  • You can download your bill and store it digitally
  • You can consult your bills of the last 6 months (Proximus) or 18 months (Belgacom) online in a secure environment
  • You can pay online
  • You can also receive your bill via your PC banking (via Zoomit)
  • It’s good for the environment!

I would like to receive an electronic bill

Please do, the electronic bill is totally free of charge and you will help us protect the environment!

How do I start?

Choose how you want to receive your bill via the e-Services

  • By e-mail: Belgacom sends you an e-mail with the bill attached to it
  • E-mail + text message: you receive both
  • In your PC Banking via Zoomit: activate Zoomit and receive and pay your bill immediately in your web banking. You also receive an e-mail from Zoomit for each new bill. Zoomit is also available for business customers.

Your next bill will be sent to you electronically.
Payment reminders are still sent on paper.
Tip: Ever considered direct debit?

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