On demand

Choose your films and programs yourself

At home you have access, from your TV-menu, to an extensive catalog of films, series and TV programs, which is continuously supplemented with more content. Depending on what you rent, you either watch it for free (repeats of the news, weather forecast, etc.) or pay for it (films, short films, etc.).

Discover the movies that left the cinema.

Our movie catalogue has been restocked with new movies. Discover the newest additions here.

Every month, Jan Verheyen lets you discover his favourite movies from our On Demand catalog.

Every week, Belgacom TV establishes the top 20 most seen movies.

TV programs on demand Films and concerts Movies & Series Pass *
  • Up to €3 per program
  • Free: news programs and weather forecasts on Belgian channels
  • Films (except if newly released): €2.99
  • Recent films: €3.99
  • Recent films, for rent at the same time as their release on DVD: €4.99
  • Adult films: between €5 and €7.50
  • concerts: between €0.50 and €2
  • A specific on-demand catalog
  • The "ms" channel with a variety of programs
  • €14.95/month, first month free of charge

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* Do you often rent a movie via our catalog? For a fixed monthly amount, the Movies & Series Pass gives you unlimited access to a whole range of top movies and series!

If you rent a movie or program on your TV, the amount due will be added to your next Belgacom bill.