900,000 free Wi-Fi Fon Spots

Because I want to surf when I’m not at home too

Replying to an e-mail in a café? Checking Facebook on holidays? Reading the newspaper online while waiting for the bus? With Belgacom Fon you can surf anywhere for free on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. As a Belgacom Internet Everywhere customer, you get access to more than 900,000 Wi-Fi Fon Spots in Belgium and more than 12 million hotspots worldwide (UK, France, Portugal …). Surely, there are Wi-Fi Fon Spots near you.


More Internet without paying more

Anyone with a Belgacom Internet Everywhere subscription can use the Wi-Fi Fon Spots free of charge. The data volume you use via the Wi-Fi Fon Spots will simply be deducted from your monthly – often unlimited – usage. So it’s like surfing at home.


I choose the best quality

The Wi-Fi Fon Spots offer the same quality as at home. Web pages load as quick, you can watch videos online in the same quality and you listen just as easily to music.



  • Can’t find a Wi-Fi Fon Spot near you? Continue surfing via 3G or 4G.
  • You can surf via the Wi-Fi Fon Spots on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, eBook ...

Step 1: create your Belgacom Fon account

Go to the e-Services and create a free Fon account.

Choose a Fon login and Fon password. Don’t forget to accept the general terms and conditions as well.

  • Your login will always end with
  • Your password needs to contain 8 characters exactly (with at least 1 letter, 1 number and no special characters) and cannot be identical to your e-Services password

Step 2: use your Belgacom Fon login

You created a Belgacom Fon account? Start surfing!

How do I surf on my Android smartphone or Android tablet?

Download the free Belgacom Fon application in the Google PlayTM Store. This app will allow your device to connect automatically with a Wi-Fi Fon Spot near you.


How do I surf on my iPhone or iPad?

Download the free Belgacom Fon application in the Apple Store. This application allows you to connect your iPhone or iPad automatically with the nearest Wi-Fi Fon Spot.


How do I surf on another smartphone, tablet or laptop?

Select a Wi-Fi Fon Spot in the list of available networks. Open your browser and enter your login and password on the Belgacom Fon login screen. Log in and start surfing!



  • Does your Pack also contain a mobile phone or Mobile Internet subscription? You get an extra login per mobile phone subscription, so multiple users can surf at the same time.
  • Your laptop automatically retains your Fon login and password. No need to enter your login and password time and again to connect to a Wi-Fi Fon Spot.


  • To use the Belgacom Fon Wi-Fi hotspots free of charge, you need to be a Belgacom Internet customer with:
  • a secured b-box2 modem with Wi-Fi activated. Do you have a different modem? In that case you can surf via all the hotspots, but you cannot share your modem yet.
  • a secure Internet connection. Secure your network with a password.
  • 1 login by Belgacom Internet subscription.

  • Does your Pack contain a mobile phone subscription? For each mobile phone subscription, you get an extra login. Click on Activate at the top of the page to do so.

  • The volume you use via these Wi-Fi hotspots in Belgium and abroad is deducted from your monthly Internet usage. In case you use more, the connection will not be cut but Belgacom will reduce the maximum speed to 128kbps.

  • Deactivation: if you do not want your modem to become a Wi-Fi hotspot for other users, you can call 0800 20 640 free of charge to deactivate the service. In that case, you can no longer use other Wi-Fi Fon Spots. You can activate the service again free of charge. Follow the procedure described in the category "Did you disable the Belgacom Fon hotspot function?

  • The number of visitors on your Wi-Fi hotspot as well as their traffic consumption is limited by Belgacom. This means you will not perceive any noticeable degradation in your private internet experience. Also the TV quality is guaranteed as this traffic will always take priority. Every person using your secured hotspot is responsible for the sites he or she visits and the actions taken. You can in no way be held liable for malicious use by other persons via your modem – if your modem is secured.

  • You cannot share your modem with other users? You probably do not have the adapted technology. If you surf via an ADSL connection, you cannot share your modem for the time being. However, you can use all other Belgacom Fon Wi-Fi hotspots after you created a login.

  • If you wish, you can make more bandwidth available for other users with the free Fon Plus option. If you do so, you will have less bandwidth to surf yourself.

Terms and conditions for the Belgacom Fon option (.pdf)