Generation MTV

As of €10.00
/month  (incl. VAT)
4G access is included in Generation MTV subscriptions


Generation MTV 10 Generation MTV 15 Generation MTV 25
€10/month €15/month


€25 €22.50/month
(extra €2.50 discount during 20 months)
= = =
15 min. 100 min. 150 min.
Unlimited SMSes Unlimited SMSes Unlimited SMSes
10 MB
500 MB
1 GB
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Rates outside the bundle

  Generation MTV 10 Generation MTV 15 Generation MTV 25
Call €0.25/min. €0.25/min. €0.25/min.
MMS €0.25/MMS €0.25/MMS €0.25/MMS
Internet €0.50/MB €0.10/MB €0.10/MB



MTV advantages

Totally MTV

We can’t even begin to sum up all the Generation MTV advantages: Club MTV evenings, the best MTV shows in preview on your smartphone, exclusive contests, free tickets and discounts to festivals, cool MTV goodies, the Generaton U-mag (in French) and much more. Discover it all on

Send SMSes without counting

Unlimited amount of text messages

You don’t have worry about sending another text: from now on you send unlimited text messages to all your friends. At any time of the day, to any Belgian network.

Always and everywhere online

Always and everywhere online

Even with the cheapest Generation MTV subscription you can surf on your mobile phone. Updating your Facebook status? Searching the address of the nearest movie theatre? Checking in from the local pub? Go right ahead!

SMS notification of your invoice

Alert via text message

Have you almost used up your bundle? We will send you a free text message to inform you about this. That way, you never have to worry about your bill.

Change your subscription at any time

I have freedom of choice

You prefer a different rate plan? No problem – compare all our subscriptions and choose the subscription that fits your needs. Our contracts are without commitment, so you can change as often as you want. In addition, we transfer your mobile phone number free of charge. You just need to indicate you want to keep your number when you place your order, we will take care of the rest.


Transfer without worries

Discover how easy it is to switch to this price plan.

  • I already have a Generation MTV subscription
    You are a Generation MTV 15 or 25 customer but you don’t have the latest minutes and MB in your bundle? No worries: your subscription will be updated automatically. We will send you an SMS to inform you as soon as the update is done. As a Generation MTV 10 customer, you can activate the free MB yourself in the e-Services.
  • I already have a different Proximus subscription
    Switching is easy: go to the  e-Services, change your subscription for free online and immediately enjoy the minutes, SMSes and MB included in your new bundle. Promos and web advantages are unfortunately only available to new subscribers.
  • I already have a Proximus reload card
    You want to change your Pay&Go card to a subscription? Click on Choose your subscription at the top of the page, choose the subscription you need and click the Order button. Your mobile phone number will remain the same and your remaining call credit will automatically be deducted from your first invoice. As a new subscriber, you will also enjoy the promo and web advantage.
  • I already am a Belgacom customer
    It’s very advantageous to add your new mobile phone subscription to your Pack. Not only do you save money every month, you also surf for free on your mobile phone.
  • I want to enjoy the Proximus 4G network with my subscription
    To enjoy 4G, you only need to be in a zone with 4G network coverage and have a compatible device.

Stay connected at all times

During and after the transfer you will stay connected with your friends and family at all times.

  • Keep your mobile phone number
    We transfer your number free of charge. You just need to indicate you want to keep your number when you place your order, we will take care of the rest.
  • Always connected
    It doesn’t matter if you have a mobile phone number from Proximus or another operator – you can continue to call while we take care of the transfer. View all the practical details.


Web advantage (without commitment)

Offer valid between 18/08/2014 and 28/09/2014.
Offer valid for new customers and existing Pay&Go customers.

If you order online, you receive a web advantage: 

  • ​€2.50 discount for 20 months on all new Proximus Generation MTV 25 ordered online ( = €50 discount).

General Conditions

  • Prices include VAT. Calls and SMSes in Belgium to all fixed and mobile networks, excluding special numbers (voting, 0900, etc.). Calls are charged per second from the 61st second.
  • Unlimited SMSes are only for personal use in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.
  • The included surfing volume is valid only in Belgium. Your usage is calculated per 1 KB.
  • Once your bundle credit has been used up, calls and SMSes will be billed in accordance with the applicable rate plan. Unused calls, SMSes and MB are not carried over to the next month.
  • To make use of the Proximus 4G network you need a compatible device.
  • 4G is available in a quite a number of Belgian cities (consult the network coverage map on Access to the 4G network is included in all Proximus rate plans, except Mobile Internet Comfort 15h, Evening&Week-end en Free Week-end . All customers benefit from a speed of up to 25 Mbps. Customers with a Generation Connect, Proximus Smart+ 45, 50, 55, 65, 75 or 90, Bizz Smart XL40, 75, 100, Intense, Europe or the Mobile Internet options (Comfort, Favorite, Favorite for iPad and Pro) benefit from an ultra-fast connection of up to 129 Mbps. If you have a rate plan in which data is not included, you pay per MB of mobile Internet used.