Pack Internet + TV + Mobile

For new Internet customers:
€22 discount/month during 6 months (€17 + €5 online discount)
Offer valid from 01/04/2014 till 31/05/2014
As of €63.95  €41.95
/month  (incl. VAT)


More info about the installation of Belgacom Everywhere (pdf, French version).


Conditions for the promotions

Offer valid from 01/04/2014 to 31/05/2014 for all types of Packs including a subscription to Belgacom Internet Everywhere Comfort or Maxi, except for the Internet + Mobile Packs.

  • Activation charge: €50.
  • Installation by a technician: €129 (activation charge included).
  • Cannot be combined with other current promotions, except the online discount.

Online discount valid from 01/04/2014 through 31/05/2014: receive €5 extra discount for 6 months on each new Belgacom Internet Everywhere subscription in a Comfort or Maxi Pack, ordered online.
Can be combined with the above promo.

General conditions

Activation charge: €50 (do-it-yourself installation kit included).
Installation charge by a technician: €129 (activation charge included).
We hereby inform you that before accepting your request, Belgacom must verify in its systems that you do not have any outstanding debts at Belgacom. If you do, we will have to refuse your request, in accordance with our general terms and conditions.

3. Unlimited volume: for personal use only, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Belgacom.

4. Mobile Internet: For use in Belgium only. Once the MB have been used up: €0.1 per MB. To benefit from Mobile Internet you need a Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem or a device with built-in 3G technology. To surf on your smartphone via the 3G or 4G network, you have to combine a mobile subscription in a Pack with Internet Everywhere and have a compatible device.

5. Fon: Every person who logs in to a Belgacom Fon Wi-Fi hotspot must be registered with Fon and must have accepted the General Terms and Conditions.

6. Belgacom TV: For more information or to find out if Belgacom TV and/or the HD signal HD is available in your area, please contact your vendor.

7. TV Partout: Offer valid in Belgium on the fixed or mobile Internet network, in zones with Wi-Fi or 3G coverage, via devices such as tablets, compatible smartphones and PCs. Offer for private, non-commercial use only within the family circle. It is not possible to rent movies through the 3G network.

8. Decoder: Made available for the full term of the contract. If you choose to buy your decoder, you will receive a discount of € 8/month on the price of your Pack.

9. Proximus subscription
Everything you need to know on

  • Valid for price plans Proximus Smart/Smart+/Easy/Easy+ and Generation MTV.
  • €10 subscriptions can also be added to the Packs, but do not benefit from a price advantage.
  • €15 subscriptions added to a Start Pack do not benefit from a price advantage.
  • Everyone who logs in to a Fon Wi-Fi hotspot must be registered with Fon and must have accepted the general terms and conditions.

10. To enjoy 4G, you only need to be in a zone with 4G network coverage and have a compatible device.
4G is available in a quite a number of Belgian cities (consult the network coverage map on     
Access to the 4G network is included in all Proximus rate plans, except for Mobile Internet Comfort 15h, Evening&Weekend et Free Weekend.   
All customers benefit from a speed of up to 20 Mbps. Customers with a Proximus Smart+ 50 or 65, Bizz Smart Intense, Bizz Smart Europe or the Mobile Internet options benefit from an ultra-fast connection of up to 86 Mbps.
As an introductory offer, all customers will benefit from the maximum speed during the first six months.
If you have a rate plan in which data is not included, you pay per MB of mobile Internet used.

Belgacom - Pack Internet TV Telephony Mobile – Start Comfort Maxi

Incorporate the mobile phone subscriptions of my tribe in my Pack

Combine up to 6 Proximus subscriptions in your Pack and receive a discount of at least €5/month per subscription.

Belgacom - Pack Internet TV Telephony Mobile – Start Comfort Maxi

Surfing at home and on the go

Surf at home and everywhere else without paying extra, thanks to the 3G mobile Internet volume included in your Pack.

Belgacom - Pack Internet TV Telephony Mobile – Start Comfort Maxi

More than 70 channels in digital quality

With Belgacom TV, you:

  • Benefit from over 70 regular and thematic channels in digital quality
  • Watch TV at your own rhythm with the pause and rewind function.
  • Remotely program your recordings.
  • Connect up to 3 TV sets.
Belgacom - Pack Internet TV Telephony Mobile – Start Comfort Maxi

Watch TV wherever I go

You can watch TV at home and on the go on your laptop, tablet and smartphone, thanks to TV Everywhere, included in your Comfort or Maxi Pack.


I'm already a Belgacom or Proximus customer and would like to benefit from this Pack

Click on "Configure your Pack" above and follow the instructions! No matter which subscriptions you already have, they will be updated automatically.

I want to add a mobile subscription to my Pack

You receive a €5/month discount for each Proximus subscription added to your Pack? To benefit from this, you must order your Pack with the mobile subscription you want.

You can keep your mobile number and your current subscription will be changed automatically.


If you have only Proximus mobile products and no Belgacom products (that is, only a Proximus bill and no Belgacom bill), you will receive a new account number in our technical systems if you switch to a Belgacom Pack. This will disconnect your account from your loyalty program. You will then have one month's time to either transfer your loyalty points to another Premium Club member or exchange your points. You can subsequently apply for a new Premium Club membership, with a new member number.

I still need to choose my Pack.

I want to activate mobile Internet

Do you want to activate 3G and Wi-Fi on your mobile devices? All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.